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PROMO WRAP offers the latest innovations in printed shrink-film wrapping services. Our capabilities are geared to meet the rapidly changing needs of retail promotional packaging applications like variety packs / multi packs and display ready packaging.

PROMO WRAP is one of a handful of suppliers across North America able to offer the latest innovations in printed shrink-film wrapping services. Backed by the dependability of the latest wrapping equipment, our unique bottom overlap process produces packaging that’s tough and durable, yet flexible enough to accommodate even the most demanding requirements. With no unsightly seal weld, the result is a finished package with outstanding appearance, portability and strength. At PROMO WRAP, we deliver fast, dependable results at affordable prices.

Rely on us. We’ll go the extra mile.

We meet the challenges of wrapping geometric shapes, changing sizes and non-traditional quantities while maintaining outstanding appearance and strength. Supported or unsupported cans, boxes, jars and bottles (plastic and glass) are all handled smoothly and effectively in the latest shrink-film wrapping equipment, and production is overseen by the best trained staff available in the market today.

With substantial experience behind us, we’re ready and able to provide packaging advice, help coordinate your promotion, and find solutions for hard-to-package items.

  • We’ll work in tandem with your film, graphics and printing suppliers to maximize efficiencies and get product to market faster.

  • We can provide date coding, product control reports and other special services upon request.

  • We’ll give you an unequalled service and assure you of complete confidentiality for new product launches, multi and variety-pack promotions, sample packs, coupons and more.

  • We’ll process your promotions quickly and efficiently in our logistically designed, secure production facility.