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PROMO WRAP is one of a select few suppliers in North America to offer leading-edge technology and the most up-to-date processes in printed shrink-film wrapping services.
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  • Outsourcing of promotions for club stores and specialty retailers where versatility and unique product presentations are a must.

  • A dependable add-on to in-house production. In overflow situations and special projects, PROMO WRAP excels.

  • The latest high-tech wrapping equipment allows us to quickly configure a production line that will create packaging with billboard appeal. We handle product with or without a tray to create multi and variety-packs of 2 to 36 bottles and jars (both plastic and glass), boxes, or cans.

  • Dedicated staging area for product awaiting completion. Our ability to hold thousands of pallets means we can accommodate multiple shipments before the repackaging process.

  • A one-source support system for new product promotions, test-market and specialty programs.