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Step by Step to a PROMO WRAP Promotion
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  • Call the PROMO WRAP professionals who will guide your project from concept to completion.

  • We’ll assess your needs and take initial measurements of your proposed packaging.

  • We then provide you with sample shrink-film containing pre-printed gridlines which will help develop the final die lines utilized later by the graphic designers. A quotation for the shrink-film wrapping portion of the project is also provided at this stage.

  • We’ll also help you select graphic designers, pre-press houses, film suppliers and film printers if required or we can work with your existing suppliers. Throughout the process, we’re here to act as lead supplier and liaison on your project, actively participating and providing guidance where it’s needed and when you want it.

Design & Pre-Press

  • The Pre-Press supplier prepares a final die line for the designers which serves as guidance for them on where to place graphics and copy for mock-ups.

  • Designers prepare the artwork for client, pre-press supplier and PROMO WRAP review.

  • Mocks-ups are made to determine that the die line is correct, that panels are readable, and that graphics work with the overall layout.

  • A sample mock-up is tested in the shrink tunnel to identify any graphic issues that may exist.

  • Multiple proofs are prepared for approval by all stakeholders in the project.

  • Final layouts are produced and plates are produced.

  • Plates are shipped to the printer to create customized shrink-film for the project.

Production of Printed Shrink-Film

  • The shrink-film is provided to the designated printer. The film is 4 color process printed, reverse, with white laid down last. Many printers have the ability to also print 4 matched colors.

  • The printed shrink-film is wound onto the appropriate size core for the project and is readied for shipment to PROMO WRAP.

Shrink-Film Wrapping

Most shrink-wrapped promotions require an average of 13 to 17 weeks to complete when graphic and film suppliers must be selected.

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