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Welcome to PROMO WRAP Inc., the promotional packaging industry leader for high impact, low cost printed shrink-film wrapping.

We all know the importance of Five in Five; those crucial seconds when product needs to jump off the shelf and into the cart. At PROMO WRAP, we’ll repackage and wrap your product to create eye-catching promotions with real billboard appeal.

Promotional packs using printed shrink-film eliminate expensive corrugate and u-board. They’re low cost, and in utilizing an expansive range of high impact graphic applications, create promotions that will put you front and centre on the shelf or on a display ready pallet.

Creating outstanding shrink-wrapped multi and variety-pack promotions is what we do – and, it’s all we do. We’re a cost-effective contract repackaging and wrapping service you can depend on to improve your time to market, reduce packaging costs and create exceptionally good looking promotions.

For customized multi and variety-pack promotions, or as a back-up for overflow production, depend on PROMO WRAP. We’re just a call or click away.